Great update IG 4/5

June 2019

This page contains all current analyzes of the last update

Update 10.06.2019:

1. We have now adopted a safe follow follow option 200.
2. We're working on over 40 changes in the application (most of the new features and patches).
3. The action style on Instagram will change (we will run a webinar and create new recordings after the update).
4. People using our servers will receive LTE mobile IP addressing.
5. Licenses will be extended after unlocking accounts by the number of days from 4 June.
6. After updating Fastinst you will be able to use the "pay as much as you want" promotion.
7. Update 3.4 will be Beta version - people interested in the test, please contact us at Messenger. Update 3.5 will be the official release. We are planning to spend 3.5 this month.
8. After blocking folllow you can observe large profiles like Instagram or ArianaGrande.
9. New safe settings have been published - they are subject to longer verification, and the range is most likely undervalued.

The update from the night of 4/5 June 2019 is the biggest update of the IG.
Please, do not ask us what to do, what to change in the application, etc. We will inform about everything in the messages in the application as soon as we know. We are also planning to create a webinar where we will answer your questions.

Regarding the update

The information provided on this page are lessons learned during our analysis.

The most important FACT:
Facebook (Instagram) updated the official API to version 3.3. Developers of officially supported applications also have problems. For example, Instagram instead of counting login to API as 1 takes 5-10% of the limit - which should not happen. The problem often also affects ordinary IG users (without supporting tools).

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, Google Cloud, which provides database systems, servers, etc., has reported a crash. This failure resulted in incorrect operation of such applications as: Uber, Snapchat, Discord, Vimeo.

The best you can do now is to be patient. Think about what you can do / improve on your account. This is not the end of automation.

"Hard Rate Limit"

Under this mistake conceals a lot more than is visible in the application. Most likely Instagram is playing with Limits, which does not change the fact that the Follow is currently blocked. For some time? We do not know exactly. We check our accounts every day several times. On May 8, similar blockages occurred, while blockages were scarce. Only 1 of our accounts had a blockade.
In some, the blockage lasted one day, in other 7 days, and the record result was 2-3 weeks (typical account spam).

New limits?

Yes and no. Currently no one has confirmed new limits. Subject during the analysis.
Theory No. 1: a monthly follow-up limit of 6500/7500, daily about 200 (follow)
Theory No. 2: Daily limit follow to 500
Theory No. 3: Enter the security update (we have detected a lot of changes in the API function)
Theory No. 4: It is a temporary IG failure according to downdetector (click)
Theory No. 5: Use greater randomness - just like users.

Limit follow to 200, what's next?

You will need to focus on better application settings. The latest FastInst update will help you:
- After follow you will be able to automatically lajour posts
- Statistics of a given source - how much follow / how to follow-back (very important information that will help to remove weak sources)
- Feedback from filtering (after which filter people are rejected in order to check what to improve)
- Filtering for Lajkowania i Komentowania (more effective lapping with likes)
- After adding a comment, the possibility of poloking the photo
- Watching stories (very powerful effects bring)
- Database with good people Follow-back - everyone will be able to turn on the source of follow-back people
- Lajków exchange system / comments (on the principle of support groups, however, that in an automated manner and without fraud)


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